Products offered by BMT NavCon to the Offshore Oil and Gas market.

  • SMET

    SMET – Torpedo Stake Monitoring System

    Implement motion and final position measurement in the platform anchoring technique developed by PETROBRAS.

  • Monobouy Monitoring

    Monobuoy Monitoring Unit

    Integration of a complete remote motion measurement, meteorological and communications system. Includes a portable unit for ship relative positioning.

  • Inclination Measurement

    Platform Risers Inclination and Stress Measurement Unit

    Inclination and stress measure for rigid risers, using accelerometers and load cells.

  • Platform Inclination

    Platform Inclination Measurement Unit

    Static and dynamic platform inclination measurement.

  • Sustained Riser Buoys

    Monitoring Unit for Sustained Riser Buoys

    Buoy and riser motion measurement for technical evaluation of sustained riser technique.

  • Brazilian Bouy

    Brazilian Meteo-oceanographic Buoy

    Complete buoy instrumentation for measurement of meteorological and oceanographic data.

  • Motion Sensing Unit

    Motion Sensing Unit

    Inertial measurement unit for roll, pitch and heave measurement, with stress sensor option.

  • Underwater Acoustic

    Underwater Acoustic Monitoring System

    Instrumentation for underwater acoustic vibration measurement.