Services and Technology

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Services and Technology

BMT NavCon has a range of Services and Technologies they can offer.



  • Design and development of custom systems for motion measurement, navigation and attitude and heading reference systems.
  • Design and development of meteo-oceanographic buoys.
  • Design and development of GNSS receivers for special applications.
  • Installation, operation and maintenance of data acquisition, telemetry, motion and stress monitoring systems, for offshore applications.


  • GPS Receivers from chipsets for special applications. 
  • Integration of GPS and Inertial Systems. 
  • Integration with other systems. 
  • Hardware and Software. 
  • Mechanical Design. 
  • Design of digital and analog hardware. 
  • Software for real time operation. 
  • Signal processing algorithms - Kalman Filtering. 
  • Navigation Algorithms. 
  • Modeling sensors. 
  • Calibration techniques.
  • Data Acquisition.
  • Integration of various data telemetry options.