Products offered by BMT NavCon to the Rail and Transport markets.

  • BMT-NavCon-land-motion-unit-images

    Motion Sensing Unit

    Inertial measurement unit for roll, pitch and heave measurement, with stress sensor option.

  • BMT-NavCon-land-interial-pig-images

    Inertial PIG

    Pipeline Inspection Gauge using inertial sensors.

  • BMT-NavCon-land-sig100-images

    Line of Products

    For GNSS-Inertial Navigation and Altitude and Heading Reference. Development, under FINEP financing, of navigation and attitude and heading reference systems.

  • Railroad Dynamic Cross-pattern Survey

    Railroad Dynamic Cross-pattern Survey

    Application of fusion of G N S S-Inertial navigation techniques with photometry for determination of cross-pattern of rail roads.