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BMT NavCon provides digital processing and motion measuring systems in support of the offshore oil and gas, air, land and space sectors.

  • Embedded digital processing systems with real-time operating systems.
  • Motion measurement systems using MEMS sensors, fiber optic gyros and others.
  • Navigation and altitude and heading reference systems using GNSS and inertial sensors and others.
  • Meteo-oceanographic buoys and offshore instrumentation.
  • Software GNSS receivers for laboratory and real-time applications.
  • Offshore Oil and Gas


    Products offered by BMT NavCon to the Offshore Oil and Gas market

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  • Air


    Line of products for GNSS-Inertial Navigation and Altitude and Heading Reference.

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  • Land


    Products offered by BMT NavCon to the Rail and Transport markets

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  • Space


    Software for use in high altitude, speed and accelerations applications.

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