BMT Reinforces Centre of Excellence with New Industry Collaborations

BMT Scientific Marine Services has announced it will collaborate with two leading-edge technology providers to further enhance its drive towards providing a centre of excellence for delivering instrumented monitoring solutions and data management for asset integrity within the global oil and gas community.

ZephIR Lidar, providers of innovative wind Lidar products and Miros, experts in wave monitoring and remote sensing will work closely with BMT to provide a premium solution to oil and gas majors. Andy Brown at BMT comments: “We have been providing customers with instrumentation for the past 20 years and recognise the need to keep our finger on the pulse of evolving technology to ensure we continue to provide customers with fit for purpose solutions. These collaborations enable us to do this and deliver a centre of excellence in both supplying and servicing instrumentation for the oil and gas market.”

Matthew Smith at ZephIR Lidar explains: “Although our traditional market is renewables, we recognise that there are clear synergies with the oil and gas industry and there are opportunities to provide a complete offering that is much greater than the sum of its parts. We have a proven leading edge Lidar solution that is fully marinized and, in partnership with BMT, we can provide both deployment and in-field support during the operational phase.”

ZephIR’s portfolio of Lidar products can capture wind measurements from 10m up to 200m above the height of a unit. Traditional measurement methods such as anemometers take a single point measurement, whereas ZephIR offers the opportunity to build up a far more robust view of the wind shear profile and other characteristics such as turbulence., Understanding the wind shear profile is of particular importance for safe and efficient helicopter operations.


Oil and gas majors operating in the Gulf of Mexico are already embracing these technologies to help drive efficiencies, improve health and safety and provide wind data information to support and inform structural engineering decisions.

Lidar also has the operational safety advantage of being based on the deck of the platform, negating the requirement for working at height to install anemometers, that are traditionally installed on the top of the derrick or crane. Furthermore, the Lidars are mobile and do not require annual servicing or maintenance, and come with a three-year warranty as standard,

Focusing on its unique wave measurement offering, Jan Engebretsen, Executive at Miros comments: “Drawing on BMT’s deep knowledge and expertise on integrating systems, this collaboration provides us with a strong distributor channel into key target markets including North America. We have a suite of wave sensors and systems that have different characteristics for various user applications. Remote sensing has a number of advantages – it not only removes the hassle of having equipment in the water, users can also measure the sea at a distance. Remote sensing is also the best method of wave measurements from vessels in transit.

SM-050 Wave Radar


As part of our cooperation with BMT, we will focus primarily on our SM-050 Wave and Current Radar which is a unique, high performance remote sensor for measurement of directional wave spectra and surface current. The radar uses advanced microwave remote sensing techniques and observes the ocean surface in a semi-circle at a distance up to 500 meters from the sensor. This sensor has characteristics similar to that of a Wave Buoy. With its advantage of being “Dry-Mounted”, it has successfully replaced the more cumbersome buoy for various customers globally due to ease of installation, minimal maintenance requirements and far lower lifetime costs. High quality data for both operational and asset integrity purposes ties in nicely with BMTs monitoring solutions.”

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